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Good at being good

We were talking about my friend’s book group round at hers the other day.  She was grumbling about it. People keep bringing along new members, without permission. Once one got through, two others tried it. The first newcomer, said my … Continue reading

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I like you, not what you like

‘We’re more than what we did recently.’ A rather inelegant way of announcing the continuing growth of Facebook, I thought, til I realised that by ‘we’ Mark Zuckerberg meant ‘Facebook users’, and he was explaining the new Timeline. Well we … Continue reading

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Time to read?

I’ve never understood the ‘holiday reading’ thing. I usually take a couple of books away but rarely read them once stepping off the plane. You go on holiday to do things you don’t normally do, right? So why would I … Continue reading

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Keeping reading on track

BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz has been talking to Penguin Group Chief Executive John Makinson about the future of books. “I don’t expect that readers will open Jane Austen on page one and read through to page 300 and then … Continue reading

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Brevity lacks a soul

Professor of English Valerie Sanders writes in the THE about a question she’s been asking herself. If her students are going to pay three times as much for their university education, will they put up with being badgered into reading … Continue reading

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They don’t know what librarians do (yet again)…

The Guardian’s regressed a bit on its recent good record on library stories that show an understanding of what the profession really does. It lists librarians as under threat from new technology, along with city traders, military pilots and IT … Continue reading

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Great new guides for muddy-boot lovers

A rather nice little object (well three) is lying on my desk. It’s a new type of walking guide called Handihikes, and it’s only the size of those tiny pocket diaries we used to have. I’ve yet to try them … Continue reading

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